What is Psychotherapy?

I offer Psychotherapy in Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and Loughborough areas.

Like counselling, the term ‘psychotherapy’ is used to describe a range of talking therapies to help overcome problems such as relationship issues, trauma, emotional difficulties, and stress.

Counselling and psychotherapy have similarities but generally speaking a psychotherapist can offer more in-depth work over a longer period of time.

Psychotherapy involves exploring, in depth, your feelings, beliefs and thoughts, including those from childhood, to come to a fuller understanding of the problems you face.

Given the often sensitive nature of the issues discussed, developing a trusting relationship with the psychotherapist is paramount to effective treatment.

What does Psychotherapy look like in practice?

A psychotherapy session will often involve your psychotherapist encouraging you to talk and explore your feelings, past memories and experiences. As part of this exploration your therapist may use particular techniques such as imaging and engagement with metaphor to help explore current and historical issues. Sessions will generally be held at the same time and place each week and will last around 50 minutes. Each client is different and presents with different problems, so each session will vary. Your psychotherapist during the first session will talk through with you the terms of your working relationship and your hopes for engaging in psychotherapy. If you then feel that you would like to engage in psychotherapy a working contract will be established between you. The underlying aim of therapy is to help you develop a sense of mastery and control over the problem situation.

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“I can’t recommend Sarah enough if you are struggling to make sense of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. You need to be patient though and see the work through, often things don’t become clear instantly.¬†

Working with Sarah has helped to review and improve every aspect of my life, through personal relationships, friends, running a business as well as competing in sport. Previous circumstances have prevented me from reaching my true potential, which now I feel has been released.

When I first started work with Sarah it felt like we were unpicking many but unrelated issues, but following each session, some went by the way side to allow for the “main” problem underpinning everything to become apparent and from then it was full steam ahead on my way to a new life, with a new way of thinking, feeling and behaving.”

Psychotherapy Client

“Psychotherapy with Sarah changed my life. She helped me to think differently about my condition and I have gone on from therapy to get a degree. Only through her help was this possible. She is lovely and kind and I am so grateful I met her. Literally life changing.”

Psychotherapy Client